5+ Amazing Computer Tips and Tricks You Must Know

You are going to learn all about Computer tips and tricks that will make you the expert. I am very sure that after learning these Computer Tips and Tricks you will get some more Knowledge about Computer.

5 Amazing Computer Tips Tricks
  • Slide to Shutdown
  • Hide your Files and Folders
  • Copy your old text that copied previously
  • How to create a Hotspot like a Mobile in Laptop
  • How to setup Dynamic lock in your Laptop
  • How to add emoji to your text

Slide to Shutdown

You must be shutting down your Laptop by pressing the Windows button and then click on the Shutdown button.
If you want to make shut down better, Follow the 3 steps below

Right-click on the desktop and click on New and then on Shortcut

Computer Tips and Tricks

This type of window will appear in front of you.
Paste the code – %windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe
And then click on Next and then write Shut Down.

A shortcut will appear then right-click on the icon and then on Properties. Then a dialog box will appear and click OK in that then choose an icon you prefer.

Hide your Files and Folders

Hide your files a d Folders is very easy and you can also hide the subfolders in it.
Follow the only single step below

Right-click on the folder and then click on Properties, then select the option below Hidden. Two options will appear.

Option 1: Hide subfolders and sub-files in it
Option 2: Hide only the Folder
Click any one of them according to you.
Here’s your Folder is hidden.

Copy your old text that copied previously

This could be easily done by Clipboard. Just type Window + V together, then on the clipboard.
And all the text, images, or files that you copy will be stored in the Clipboard.

I think till now you have been understood these Computer Tips and Tricks.

How to create a Hotspot like a Mobile in Laptop

There are only a few easy steps that will create a hotspot in Laptop or Computer.

Step 1: Click on the WIFI icon
Step 2: Down you will see Mobile Hotspot. Click on that, Hotspot will be on.

To know or change the Password or Username

Step 3: Right Click there, and then click on “Go To Settings” & then a window will appear.
Step 4: Click on Edit and here you can see or change the username or Password

How to setup Dynamic lock in your Laptop

First, let’s know What is Dynamic Lock?
Dynamic Lock is a lock where your PC or Laptop gets automatically locked when you are away from the PC or Laptop. This happens if you connect your phone with the PC. I think it would be very helpful for you all.

Step 1: Open Settings in your PC {Shortcut – Windows + I}
Step 2: Click on Accounts and then on Sign-in Option
Step 3: When you scroll you will see Dynamic Lock
Step 4: Select that option and then click on Bluetooth and other devices.
Step 5: Connect your device through Bluetooth

If you don’t have in-built Bluetooth on your PC

You can buy this adapter and you will be able to access Bluetooth.

51k2mS2m4kL. SL1000
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  • Bluetooth 4.0: Applies the latest Bluetooth 4.0 and supports Bluetooth V3. 0/2. 1/2. 0/1. 1.
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  • Nanosize: a sleek, ultra-small design means you can insert the Nano adapter into any USB port and just keep it there.

How to add emoji to your text 

It’s as easy as ABC to add emoji just type Windows + . ,  A window will appear here and you can select any one of them.

There is an option to search too, click on the search icon and then type “smile” or any sort of emoji type. Here’s an example you can see.

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I am very Sure that you will be now able to do this all Computer Tips and Tricks easily. Share this Knowledge with your Friends and then they can also know. If any help needed to do this all Computer Tips and Tricks then you can Comment in the Comment Section or you can “Chat with Sikho Tech” on Messenger and Sikho Tech will reply you as “Soon as Possible.”

I want that in this Corona Times you must be knowing these Computer Tips and Tricks because in this pandemic People have to work online so these Computer Tips and tricks will help them out Work Online.

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