5 Smooth Steps to Create Instagram Business Page (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Today we are Going to talk about How to Create Instagram Business Page for Free. . It is as easy as making a Cup of Tea. I am definitely sure, after reading this you will be able to Create Instagram Business Page. But Why did you need this Instagram Page? Firstly let’s talk about it.

Note:- This all Steps will be done on Mobile.

How to Create Instagram Page Blog Post

Steps to Create Instagram Business Page

There are Certain Steps to Create Instagram Business Page, I think it would be hard for you but I will explain to you how you can do that Step-by-Step.

Step 1- Download the app

Firstly, you have to download the Instagram app as it is simply an Instagram business account without the Instagram app. 

Swap your Phone out of your Pocket and Download the App now. Download the app from the below link.

Instagram 2

Step 2- Choose a Niche

Choosing a Niche is the must that is a topic on which you make posts (i.e. images, videos etc.) You can see many of the Instagram Business Pages, they earn in lakhs.

Step 2- Make an Account on Instagram

Firstly, you have to create an Instagram Account. It is easy, don’t worry I will tell you all the steps to Create Instagram Account.

Step 1:- Choose Username

You have to Write a Username that Describes the purpose of the Page. I have to choose a Username for my YouTube Channel. And I forgot to say that I am starting a YouTube Channel which will have Videos on My Articles. So why wait Subscribe to My YouTube Channel. There also I will upload a video on How to Create Instagram Business Page.

How to Create an Instagram Page

Step 2:- Create a Password

Now you have to Create a Password for your Instagram Page. If you want that this Password should be saved on your Smartphone then Click on Remember Password, that’s Optional.
Remember:- The Password should be of Minimum 6 Characters.

How to Create an Instagram Page

Step 3:- Add Phone & Email

Now you have to Enter you Phone & Email. If you already have an Account then this type of Screen will appear in front of you.

Add Email or Phone

Step 2:- Switch this Account to a Professional Account

You have to Click on Edit Profile when your Account is created. You have to Click on Switch to Professional Account.

Professional Account

Step 3:- Select A Category

Now, You have to Select a Category of your Page.

Professional Account 1

Step 4:- Choose What you are?

You have to Choose what you are? Are you Creating this for a Business or you are a Creator.

Professional Account 2

Additional Step:- Complete Setting up your Page

You can Set up your Page. You have to Complete the 4 Steps given below. These are some Simple that you can do Easily.

Professional Account 3

Your Page is Created !!

Step by Step guide in the  below video!

Earn Money through Instagram Page

There are many ways to Earn Money through Instagram Page. In this Corona Times if your income has stopped you can choose these ways to Earn Money through your Instagram Page and be stable in your Life.
Stay Safe” a Message from Sikho Tech.


You can make your Instagram Page and drive traffic through engaging Video and then the Brand will approach you to collaborate with you. You have to promote their products through Images & Videos. You can use Canva, My Recommendation.

Affiliate Marketing 

You can drive traffic to your Instagram Page and then you can enter some Affiliate Marketing Programs and then put in your Videos & Images description. If people Buy through your Link you will earn a Commission. If you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing, Please Comment Below.

Sell your Own Products

You can sell your own Products on your Instagram Page. You have to just add Photos & Video of your Product and then people will enquire you for the Products and then you can deliver the products to your Customer. You can use Canva for making Videos and Photos.


I am very sure that you will be now able to Create Instagram Business Page easily. Share this Knowledge with your friends and then they can also know. If any help needed to Create Instagram Business Page then you can comment in the Comment Section or you can “Chat with Sikho Tech” on Messenger and Sikho Tech will reply to you as “Soon as Possible.”

I want that in this Corona Times you must be knowing How to Create Instagram Business Page because in this period many people have lost their Income sources. They can Earn Online through this Instagram Page. I am Requesting my Audience to not panic and Stay Safe. Share this Knowledge with your friends so they can also know How to Create Instagram Business Page & Retrieve their income Sources.

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