4 Effortless Steps to Create a Page on Facebook (Step By Step Guide)

Were you Searching to Create a Page on Facebook?

This your Ultimate end.

You must be wondering to Create a Page on Facebook, you would be considering that it would be hard, but is as simple as making a Paper Airplane. I am Unmistakably sure that after you read this article you will be able to Create a Page on Facebook.

How to Create a Facebook Page

There are several steps to Create a Page on Facebook, but you need a logo and Cover Photo for your Page. So let’s see how to make this.

How to Make a Logo & a Cover Photo For a Facebook Page?

I recommend Canva Pro as it is the best tool for making Graphics and can help you in the development of your Facebook Page.

Canva will definitely help you to Create a Page on Facebook, you would be questioning how does Canva help to Create a Page on Facebook if you do not post anything on your Facebook Page you would not get any Reach, then what is the meaning to Create a Page on Facebook.,

What is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro

  • 420,000+ free templates
  • 75+ million premium stock images, videos, audio, and graphics
  • 3000+ fonts
  • 100gb of storage
  • One-click design resize
  • Background Remover
  • Create your brand’s visual identity with logos, colors and fonts in 1 brand kit
  • Priority support

I personally use Canva to Design anything on Facebook or any other Social Profiles (Instagram, LinkedIn and more). There is a option to Publish directly on Facebook from Canva.

First, Sign Up and click on Create a Design, Search for Logo click on that and a new tab will open and there are many options to make a logo you can easily understand, it is very user-friendly. There are various templates too.

You can also design a cover photo. You have to click on Create design and then click on custom size and then enter 820×132 sizes and then you can design your cover photo.

Difference between Facebook Page & Facebook Profile

Before going ahead I would like to share the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page.

Facebook Page

  • Branding for Company
  • Having Fame
  • Helps to sell products Online
  • An Individual can Earn Money through a Facebook Page

Facebook Profile

  • No Branding for Company
  • No Fame
  • Helps to sell items but among friends only
  • An Individual cannot Earn Money through Facebook profiles.

Now let’s see Create a Page on Facebook Step by Step.

Steps on Create a Page on Facebook

There are Some Easy & Simple steps to Create a Page on Facebook. I will explain to you Step-by-Step. There is a very simple method to Create a Page on Facebook, you have to go to the Website of Facebook and then follow the actions below.

Step 1:-Go to the Website of Facebook and Log-in

Step 1 Go to the website of Facebook and Log in

You have to Log-in to your Facebook.com Account or you create a New Account on Facebook. If any help needed you can Message Sikho Tech on Messenger

Step 2:- Click on the ➕Plus button right up 

How to Create a  Page on Facebook

Click on Plus icon and a Drop-down will appear and there you have to click on Page

Step 3:- Decide the Name and Category of your Facebook Page

Decide the Name and Category of your Facebook Page

You have to Decide a Name for your Page. If the Page Name is Available a Green Tick ✅ will be there and then you have to enter a Category of your Page & you can later add the Description or Right Now you can add it. Click on “Create Page”

Now you have to upload your Cover Photo and Logo that you made from Canva. You can also seee the preview of Mobile and Desktop.

Note: Anyone can create a Page, but only official representatives can create a Page for an organization, business, brand, or public figure.

You must have Understood Create a Page on Facebook. I would like to give you some more information on Create a Page on Facebook. So Let’s Start.

Complete Video on Create a Page on Facebook

Please watch this video till our Video doesn’t come, I make sure within some days video will upload. You can join our Telegram Channel for Updates for YouTube too.

Create a Welcome Post

You have to Create a Welcome Post when you Create a Facebook Page. Where you can Create by introducing your Website to others. You can use Image or Text. You can Create an Image using Canva.

Facebook provides you to make Covid-19 Update, Photo or Video, Feeling, Check-in, Host a Q & and much more.


Add Call to Action

You have to add a Call to Action to your Page, this helps you to make more Engagement. Call to Action is a button present on the top of the Facebook Page.
You can follow the below steps to add a Call to Action to your Facebook Page.

Step 1: Click on the Button

Add a Button

Step 2: Select one of the option you see.
You can Select one of the option from below. You can see brief in the options only.


Step 3: Fill the details Accordingly to the Button you select.

Your Call to Action Button is added to your Facebook Page!!

Adding details to your Page

This type of interface will appear in front of you. One section will appear of About, There you have to edit all your details by clicking the Pencil icon. Which doesn’t apply to your page, click on more and then click on this doesn’t apply to my page.

I think this Step is very necessary to Create a Page on Facebook as People know about your Page from here only. You can see the brief of all this down below.

Adding Details to your Page
  • Location – Enter your Location here. If you are setting up this page as a Shop. This is very important. If anyone wants to visit your Shop then he can visit. If your Shop is a Digital (Ecommerce) Shop or this is for any other purpose, you have to click on the Enter Location link and then click on three dots and then Click on This doesn’t apply to my page.
  • About – Here you have to enter about your Facebook Page. You have to describe the motive of the Page. This section is very important as people will know about your Facebook Page.
  • Phone Number – Here you have to enter your Phone Number. In case, you have a Shop Page then this is necessary, and if not don’t share this. Here also you have to do the same thing if it doesn’t apply to your Page.
  • Email – Here you have to enter your Email Address. This is Necessary for your Digital Company as your Audience can contact you by email.
  • Business Hours – Here you have to enter when your Shop is opening and when is it closing. This is necessary for a Facebook Business Shop Page or a Company Page.
  • Website – Here you have to enter your company’s website URL. If you don’t know how to make a website you can check out our E-book below the article. We have provided plenty of information in that E-Book. You have to just Enter your Name and Email to get the E-book 

Share this with your friends if you liked the Content till here. So they would also be able to Create a Page on Facebook.

I think till now you would have understood the Basics of Handling a Facebook Page. Now I have something Advanced.

Managing a Facebook Page (Advanced)

Managing a page could be difficult for you, but I will guide you. Managing a Page is necessary as it helps in SEO of a Facebook Business Page.

Connecting your Instagram and WhatsApp to your Facebook Page

To connect your WhatsApp, in Manage Page you will see Page Setting, in that when you scroll you will see WhatsApp, just click on that. You have to enter your mobile number and select the country code, click on next, and then you will receive a WhatsApp from Facebook business, you will get a code just enter it in the box.

To connect your Instagram, In-Page settings you will find an option of Instagram click on that and login to your account and your Instagram will be connected.

Changing Templates and Tabs

In the Page settings, there will be an option of Templates and Tabs, there you will find several Templates choose anyone of them. I prefer you, Standard, because it is applicable for all types of Pages.

How to set up automated responses in Facebook Page

What is Automated Reponses?
Automated Reponses means that if your Audience chat with you for some Reasons then if he chooses a question which you give him a Answer will automatically Replied to him and if he click on Message then a Intro comes when he wants to start Chatting.

In the Page settings, there will be an option of Messaging, there is an option of “Show a Greeting” is there, you have to enable it and if not convenient then you can edit it also. There is also an option of “set up responses” here you can easily set up.

Create a Shop Page on Facebook

To Create a Page on Facebook as a Shop type, choose the Template of Shop in the Settings. Follow the steps below after changing the Template.

List your Products to the Shop Tab and Describe about them very nicely. You have to List your Products by adding your Details and Image of Facebook.

Grow Business through Facebook Page

There is also a way to Grow your Business through Facebook Page. You have to just upload images or products in the Shop Tab. You can also promote your Products to Facebook. This is the simplest way of Growing your Business through Facebook.

Getting Appointments through Facebook

As you scroll down in the Page Tab, you will see “Free Business Tools” click on that and then click on next then choose your time zone when you are available, then click on Appointment Approval and Sync to Google Calendar and then add your services and then add “Book Now” to your Page.

Check your Insights on Creator Studio

You can check your insights at Creator studio by Facebook. Creator studio helps us to know our Reach and engagement of people. You would be thinking What is Reach and what is engagement? Reach means how many people viewed your post and engagement means that people are liking that post or commenting on the post.  

Creator studio could help people very much as it also helps to know about the comments and it helps to schedule your post, this feature is not available on Facebook. It also helps us to access our Instagram account if we join them together. You can also run ads through this creator studio. You can check your audience from where they are what is their average age and much more. 

Add your Page to other Social Sites

Your Facebook Page when gets a Backlink helps to improve your Ranking. When anyone searches your Facebook Page Name, the first result comes yours. You have to add your Facebook Page to other Social Media Websites like Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc.

You can also add your Facebook Page link to your Website and that helps the most, we have also added our Facebook Page link to our Websites.

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Earn money through Facebook Page

There are many ways o Earn Money through Facebook Page. In this Corona Times if your income has stopped you can choose these ways to Earn Money through Your Facebook Page and be stable in your Life.
Stay Safe” a Message from Sikho Tech


You can also earn money through Facebook Page, in Page Settings, you will see Payments as you are marked as paid you have to enter your bank account details, and you will get your Payment from Facebook. You have to just get traffic to your page by creating engaging posts.


You can make your Facebook Page and drive traffic through engaging Video and then Brand will approach you to collaborate with you. You have to promote their products through Images & Videos. You can use Canva my Recommendation.

Affiliate Marketing 

You can drive traffic to your Facebook Page and then you can enter some Affiliate Marketing Programs and then put in your Videos & Images description. If people Buy through your Link you will earn a Commission.

If you want to know more about Comment down below.

Sell your Own Products

You can sell your own products and add them to your Shop Tab and if People will Buy through it you will earn money. You can use Canva for making Videos and Photos.


I am very sure that you will be now able to  Create a Page on Facebook easily. Share this Knowledge with your friends and then they can also know. If any help needed on Create a Page on Facebook then you can comment in the Comment Section or you can “Chat with Sikho Tech” on Messenger and Sikho Tech will reply to you as “Soon as Possible.”

I want that in this Corona Times you must be knowing to Create a Page on Facebook because in this period many people have lost their Income sources. They can create a Page on Facebook & Earn. I request my Audience to not panic and Stay Safe. Share this Knowledge with your friends so they can also create a Page on Facebook and Retrieve their income Sources.

I have seen many people earning from this Facebook Page that is why I am telling you to Create a Page on Facebook !!


To Create a Page on Facebook, go to Facebook.com and then Log-in to your Account. Then click on the ➕ icon above and then Click on Page. Now you have to Enter your Details. And your Page is created.

Yes, Creating a Facebook Page is Free.

Facebook provides every creator to make a Facebook Page for Free.

There is a list of Categories on which you can Create a Page on Facebook.

You can Checkout this Link here to know about the Categories of Facebook Page.

There are many ways through which Facebook Pages Earn Money, they are:-

#Affiliate Marketing
#Selling their Own Products

The difference between a Facebook Account & a Facebook Page is that a Facebook Account is your Profile Page and a Facebook Page is a Business Profile (Page).

The benefit of Creating a Page is that your Brand gets a Name on Facebook. You can gain more dormant customers here and you can also Earn Money through a Facebook Business Page.

Unfortunately, No Facebook doesn’t give access to Create a Page without a Account or Personal Profile on Facebook. You can’t Create a Business Page on Facebook without an Account on Facebook, you can’t Create a Page on Facebook.

Just click on the link of the Facebook Page and you will see 2 options, 1st option will be to open that Facebook Page on your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc….), 2nd option will be to open that in Facebook App, You can choose according to you.

You have to just Create engaging posts and videos regularly to promote your Facebook Page organically. I want to tell you a secret about the growth of the Facebook Page, you have to post more videos for growth on Facebook Page.

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