How to Create Instagram Page in 2021 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Instagram’s audience is growing Day by Day and there comes an opportunity to and Earn money through it.

According to Staista, 112 million, active users on Instagram, with a 31.4% share of the age group of 25 and 34.

Active Users in Instagram Statista
Source – Staista

Creating Instagram Page presents a platform for you to create visually engaging content to promote other’s services and earn.

If you haven’t created a page on a rapidly growing social network yet, now is the perfect start. 

How to Create Instagram Page

How to Create Instagram Page

Not Sure How to Create Instagram Page?

Here is a Good News:
We are going to learn Step-by-Step How to Create Instagram Page and grow Instagram Business Account.

Step 1: Download App

You can either download the Instagram app on your Smartphone or Web browser on your Mac or Windows.

Instagram is well optimized for mobile, but you can search for Instagram on Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or other web browsers.

Step 2: Choose a Trending Niche

What is a Niche?

Niche is a topic on which you post content that is images, videos, reels.

Choose a Niche in which you have expertise/interest. People will know where they will be getting the content about this topic/category, this helps you build a brand.

Some of the Trending Niches in the Market:-

  • Travel
  • Business
  • Health & Fitness
  • Digital Marketing
  • Food
  • Finance
  • Pets
  • Beauty/Fashion

Step 3: Create Business Account on Instagram

Step 1: Choose a Good Username

Instagram Sign up Page appears. Write a Username that describes the Purpose of the Page. A Username helps to build a brand or identity. A catchy username will attract people to check out your Page.

Choose Username for Instagram Business Page

Step 2: Create a Password

Create a password for your Instagram Page which will secure your Instagram Account. Change your password regularly as there are chances of Hacking your Instagram Account.

Remember:- The Password should be of Minimum 6 Characters.

Create a Password for Instagram Business Page 1

Step 3: Add Phone & Email

Enter email and phone number for your Instagram Page. If an account is already there so it will take email and Phone from there. You can also add a new email and phone if you want.

Welcome Page of Instagram Business Page

Step 3: Switch Personal Account to Professional Account

Firstly, we will talk about the differences between a Personal and a Business/Professional Account.


  • Analytics available
  • Business Advertisements available
  • The contact information like mobile number, Email, Address can be added
  • Built-in Commerce features


  • Analytics not available
  • Business Advertisement not available
  • Contact Information could not be added.
  • No E-commerce features not available

Step 1 – Go to your Profile
Step 2- Click on Edit Profile
Step 3- Click on Switch to your Professional Account

Switch Account from a Personal Account to a Business Account

Select a Category for Instagram Business Page

Select a Category of Instagram Business Page. This category will enable Instagram to get the page to the right/targeted audience. If you want that person to visit Instagram Business Page, click on the Display category label.

Select a Category for Instagram Business Page

Choose What you are? (A Business or a Creator)

Select the option of Business if this is for a business. This is best for retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations, and service providers. It provides E-commerce facilities for a Business.

Select the option of Creator if this is a Content producer. It is Best for Public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers.

Choose What you are (A Business or a Creator)

Step 5: Complete Setting up your Page

You can Set up your Page. You have to complete the 4 Steps given below. These are some simple that you can do Easily.

Complete your Profile

Here you have to enter your details like Bio, Phone, Email, etc.

Grow your Audience

Here you have to Grow your Audience by commenting on other similar niches pages or follow them. You would be not clear now ut I will explain all the tips in the later part.

View Insights

Here you can see the Insights of your Page. Insights mean the number of reach in your Page.,

Additional Steps for Instagram Business Page
Video Tutorial

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Tips to Grow your Instagram Page

1.Post Valuable Content

Post valuable content on your Instagram Page i.e. your audience should get knowledge from your content. If you post knowledgeable content definitely you will get reach.

2.Collaborate with Similiar Niche Pages

You need to collaborate with Similiar Pages which have niches like yours when you get some reach in your content. This results in an exchange of Audience and has the possibility of getting more followers.

3.Comment on Similiar Niche Pages

You have to comment on Similiar Niche Pages which have more followers than you. The audience when reads comments there is a possibility of checking your profile and also following you.

4.Create Memes/ Viral Post

You can create content that is viral on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or other social media handles. This will get you aa more followers and reach.

I will make a detailed article on Growing your Instagram Page so you can go to our homepage and then click on the

5.Create Hashtags

You have to create relevant hashtags for your content, this helps to get you more reach and followers.

How to Create a Hashtag page on Instagram?

Creating a Hashtag is not a very hard job, you can search on Google for “Hashtags on Instagram related to <your niche>

Monetize your Instagram Page

There is no way directly given by Instagram, but you can earn in other ways. In this Corona times if your income has stopped you can choose these ways to earn money through your Instagram Page and be financially stable in your Life.


You can make your Instagram Page and drive traffic through engaging Video and then the Brand will approach you to collaborate with you. You have to promote their products through Images & Videos. 

2.Affiliate Marketing 

You can drive traffic to your Instagram Page and then you can enter some Affiliate Marketing Programs and then put in your Videos & Images description. If people Buy through your Link you will earn a Commission.

3.Sell your Own Products

You can sell your own products on your Instagram Page. You have to just add Photos & Video of your Product and then people will enquire you for the Products and then you can deliver the products to your Customer. You can use Canva for making Videos and Photos.

Final Thoughts: How to Create Instagram Page

I am very sure that you will be now able to know How to Create Instagram Page. Share this Knowledge with your friends and then they can also know.

If any help is needed to know How to Create Instagram Page, you can comment in the Comment Section or “Chat with Sikho Tech” on Messenger and Sikho Tech will reply to you as “Soon as Possible.”

In this Corona Times, you must know how to Create Instagram Page because, in this period, many people have lost their Income sources. They can Earn Online through this Instagram Page.

I am Requesting my Audience to not panic and Stay Safe. Share this Knowledge with your friends so they can also know How to Create Instagram Business Page & Retrieve their income Sources.

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