How to Create Instagram Page in 2021 (Step by Step Tutorial)

Instagram is a flourishing network with more than 1000 million active users tapping on the mobile screen all over the world.

As of January 2021, only 78% of marketers use Instagram after Facebook with 93% which means Instagram is less competitive.

We will show you step by step process of How to Create Instagram Page. If you haven’t created a page on a rapidly growing social network yet, now is the perfect start. 

How to Create Instagram Page

How to Set-up a page on Instagram

Before you start creating a new page on Instagram or refresh the old one you should have a definite purpose to make a page on Instagram. Keep in mind that you have to post high-quality content (ie images, videos, etc) and maintain consistency (ie post content regularly)

There are two purposes to create Instagram Page and earn. First is obviously for business, there you can sell products and market them. The second one is content production, here you promote content on a particular topic. More specifically, you will share images, videos, reels, etc on the page and earn.

If you are creating this Instagram Page for business, you can skip directly to the 3rd step.

1.Download App

You can either download the Instagram app on your Smartphone or search on the Web browser or download it on your Mac or Windows.

2.Choose a Niche

Niche is a topic on which you post content that is images, videos, reels, choose a Niche in which you have expertise or interest. People will know where they will be getting the content about this topic or category, this helps you build a brand.

Some of the Trending Niches in the Market:-

  • Travel
  • Business
  • Health & Fitness
  • Digital Marketing
  • Food
  • Finance
  • Pets
  • Beauty/Fashion

3. Create Business Page on Instagram

  • Step 1: Instagram Sign-up Page appears, write a username that describes the purpose of the page. A username helps to build a brand or identity, a catchy username will attract people.
Choose Username for Instagram Business Page
  • Step 2: Create a password for your Instagram Page which will secure your Instagram Page. Remember to change your password regularly as there are chances of hacking.
Create a Password for Instagram Business Page 1
  • Step 3: You need to enter email and phone number for your Instagram Page. If an account is already there so it will take the details from there. You can also add a new email and phone number if you want.
Welcome Page of Instagram Business Page
  • Step 4: Now you have to switch Personal Account to Professional Account. Go to your profile and click on edit profile. Now click on “Switch to Proffesional account”
Switch Account from a Personal Account to a Business Account
  • Step 5: Select a Category of Instagram Business Page. This category will enable Instagram to get the right audience to the page.
Select a Category for Instagram Business Page
  • Step 6: Select the first option if this page is for a business as you want to sell products. Select the second option if you are a content producer as you will share knowledge.
Choose What you are (A Business or a Creator)
  • Step 7: Complete Setting up your Page. You have to complete the 4 Steps given below. These are some simple steps that you can do easily.

Complete your Profile

You have to enter your details like Bio, Phone, Email, etc. This helps Instagram as well as your Audience to

Grow your Audience

You have to follow other people so the person you follow can your Page and there are chances that he likes it.

View Insights

You can see the Insights of your Page, insights mean the number of reach on your Page.,

Additional Steps for Instagram Business Page

Now let’s talk about the difference between a Professional account and a Personal account.

Professional AccountPersonal Account
Analytics available Analytics not available
Business Advertisements available Business Advertisements not available
Contact Information could be added Contact Information could not be added
Built-in e-commerce featuresNo e-commerce features are available

4.Create Great and Valuable Content

Instagram is always known for visuals, so here you have to add high-quality content which will help and add value to your followers and probable customers. Try to influence and entertain the followers.

Instagram supports default square images and vertical (9:16 ratio) or square (1:1 ratio) reels up to 1 minute. Both can be created using different tools in the market, preferably you should use Canva or Pixellab. You can also add rectangle videos but it does not suit it.

Go with a good caption in every image and use hashtags frugally, we”ll talk about hashtags in detail in the latter part.

5.Polish your Profile

Polish your profile means to make an attractive page on Instagram. There is no banner on Instagram where you can add your information so the main focus should be on three things Bio, content, logo.

Add a great bio that can attract people to the Instagram Page. Add emojis to your bio and change your bio once a month where you can add updates about your products.

6.Connect to Facebook

Connect your audience with your Facebook page which will interconnect the audience of other Facebook and Instagram. If you haven’t created a page on Facebook, check out our blog post on How to Create a Page on Facebook.

We”ve also talked about how to connect Facebook to Instagram so don’t forget to check that out.

7.Create Collabrations

Start following similar Instagram pages and business partners whom you have worked with and done business with. Don’t forget to tag your business partners and collaborators, they might comment on that post or repost in its story.

Take a note that it’s best to have more content or updates and a good profile before you create collaborations or follow people. As you wouldn’t want the probable customers to see nothing on your profile.

7. Comment on Similiar Pages

Actively comment on pages like yours which have more followers. As a result, they might mention you in the story and follow you. And thus you get more followers by just commenting on similar pages.

8. Add Hashtags

Add relevant hashtags for Instagram Page which could help when people search for the same.

Finding a hashtag is not really a hard job, search on Google for “Hashtags on Instagram related to <your category>” Suppose if your category of business is a bakery so you can search on Google for <hashtags for bakery products>

If you are focusing on a niche and your niche is motivation so search for google on <hashtags for motivation>.

9. Create a Bond

Try to make a bond on Instagram with your followers and probable customers. This helps in stabling your followers and prevents decrement of followers. For example, wish them on every festival of every religion. Add one motivational quote and this should relate to your category of business or niche.

We also do the same thing, we try to greet all of our followers at every festival to create a bond with them.

Video Tutorial: How to Create Instagram Page

Video Tutorial

Monetization of Instagram Page

There is no direct way of earning from the Instagram page but there are several other ways from where you can generate an amount to satisfy your work. We”ll now discuss on How you can monetize your Instagram Page.

1. Sell Products on Instagram

Add well-shot and engaging images and videos of the products you sell. Instagram allows you to sell and market your products and generate several amounts. The professional account offers built-in e-commerce features which will help to do business on Instagram more efficiently.

You can also share information using an ebook. Ebook is a digital book that can be used to share knowledge about a particular topic. You can sell that ebook at a low cost.

More specifically with an example, if your followers are supposed to 10k and you sell your ebook at 20 rupees if only 1000 people buy the ebook then also your revenue is 20000. Spread the information of the ebook using images, videos, etc.

2.Sponsorship/ Paid Promotion

Sponsorship is another way to earn through Instagram. As you gain more followers brand approaches your Instagram page by messaging you or contacting you through email. You have to promote their brand through images, videos, etc.

After you promote their brand negotiate about the amount. They’ll transfer the amount to your bank account you prefer to them, initially don’t ask for a huge amount.

3.Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is a way where you have to share the link of a product and if the follower buys it from that link, you earn a commission. But wait, that is not the simple link of the product which you share with your friends. You have to join an Affiliate program of the brand.

The Affiliate program of Amazon is a very popular program where most influencers join and earn a commission. But in an Instagram post, no link could be added, you can use the bio for this. You have to add a link to that product in your bio.

We”ll also discuss How to add multiple links in bio in the FAQ part.

Final Thoughts: How to Create Instagram Page

We”re very sure that you liked our explanation and now will know How to Create Instagram Page. Share it with your friends and business partners so they could also create Instagram page, if they have some time so they can create Instagram Page and earn money.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have 2 Instagram accounts?

Yes, you can have 2 Instagram Accounts on one device only, one as a personal and other for business or other purposes. Take a note that one device can have only 5 Instagram accounts. You can switch between them without logging out.

What is the difference between Instagram personal and business?

There are many business features offered by Instagram business accounts such as Built Ecom features, Analytics, Business advertisements, etc.

Is Instagram business account free?

Yes, anyone can create Instagram Business, and also it is not necessary for your business to be officially registered.

Is Instagram good for business?

Instagram is a powerful and impactful social media network for business. Here you have many options to sell your products. 53% of marketers use Instagram for marketing the business,

How many Instagram followers do you need to make money?

With just 1000 followers ie 1k followers there is a potential to earn through that if your audience is engaging who shares, comments, and likes your posts daily. You would be thinking who am I to tell you this but Neil Patel a known digital marketer says these words.

How could I add multiple links to the Bio?

That is just simple, going to the Linktree tool’s site and registering there makes a page in which you have to add links to the pages you want.

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